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Black Sod Peat Turf - approx 14 lbs
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Black Sod Turf (peat) is a unique product of Ireland. It comes from the deepest bogs in the land which are largely located in the midlands of the Emerald Isle. Irish bogs were formed naturally, almost 10 thousand years ago because of the passing Ice Age, which left behind shallow lakes, eventually filling with vegetation, to form these marshy wetlands which have become part of our culture and heritage. Black Sod Turf is 100% natural and organic. The brand Black Sod Turf gets its name from the unique characteristics of the peat from this area. The turf is distinctively black in colour and noticeably heavy. Known locally as “stone turf” because of its weight and the depth of bog to which it is harvested from. The turf burns hotter for longer. Traditionally a two-sided spade called a “Sleán” (pronounced ‘’slane’’) was used to slice wedges of peat from the deep bog and then they were transported by hand to higher lands so it could dry under the summer sun. The dried peat is then referred to as ‘’turf’’. Upon hearing the word “turf” it immediately recalls days of back breaking toil, cutting, stacking, drying and bagging winters fuel supply. Black Sod Turf conjures up dreams of lapping flames and the distinctive smell of a turf fire, which is synonymous with Irish households.